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GGZ engines pages
Game engines determine the game rules and communication protocols between game clients and game servers. Whereever possible, GGZ tries to adhere to existing game engine standards or at least support them optionally. Note that some of the games listed here are not part of the GGZ project, however some of them provide GGZ support, while others got a client reimplementation for GGZ. The game clients page lists game clients categorically (by package), rather than by engine. The following game engines are currently playable on GGZ:

Board games:
Engine Corresponding clients Corresponding servers
TicTacToe TicTacToe (Gtk+)
KTicTacTux (KDE)
Guru-TTT (Grubby)
TTTXT (Console)
GGZ-Java TTT (Java)
TicTacToe server
RubyToe server
CoffeeToe server
Kryds server
Connect The Dots KSquares (KDE)
Dots (Gtk+)
KDots (KDE)
Dots server
Hastings1066 Hastings1066 (Gtk+)
Fyrdman (KDE)
Hastings server
Reversi Iagno (GNOME)
KReversi (KDE)
Reversi (Gtk+)
KGGZReversi (KDE)
GGZBoard (SDL)
Reversi server
Combat Combat (Gtk+)
Combat server
Chess Chess (Gtk+)
Koenig (KDE)
GGZBoard (SDL)
Guru-Chess (Grubby)
Chess server
Chinese Chess Xadrez Chinês (SDL)
Chinese Chess server
Chinese Checkers Chinese Checkers (Gtk+)
Chinese Checkers server
Krosswater Krosswater (KDE)
Krosswater server
Mühle Mühle (KDE)
Muehle server
Escape Escape (Windows)
Escape/SDL (SDL)
Escape server
ConnectX ConnectX (Windows)
GGZBoard (SDL)
Gnect (GNOME)
KConnectX (KDE)
ConnectX server
Checkers GGZBoard (SDL)
Checkers server
Hnefatafl GGZBoard (SDL)
Hnefatafl server
Go/GMP CGoBan (X11)
GGZBoard (SDL)
Go server
Ludo/Bogaprot GGZBoard (SDL)
Ludo server
Arimaa/Bogaprot GGZBoard (SDL)
Arimaa server
Shogi GGZBoard (SDL)
Sudoku GGZBoard (SDL)
Battleship KBattleship (KDE)
Submarine server

Card games:
Engine Corresponding clients Corresponding servers
NetSpades NetSpades (Gtk+)
NetSpades server
Spades GGZCards (Gtk+)
GGZ-Java (Java)
GGZCards server
LaPocha GGZCards (Gtk+)
GGZ-Java (Java)
GGZCards server
Bridge GGZCards (Gtk+)
GGZ-Java (Java)
GGZCards server
FortyTwo GGZCards (Gtk+)
GGZCards server
Hearts GGZCards (Gtk+)
GGZ-Java (Java)
GGZCards server
Suaro GGZCards (Gtk+)
GGZ-Java (Java)
GGZCards server
Sueca GGZCards (Gtk+)
GGZ-Java (Java)
GGZCards server
Whist GGZCards (Gtk+)
GGZ-Java (Java)
GGZCards server

Other games:
Engine Corresponding clients Corresponding servers
Keepalive Keepalive (KDE) Keepalive server
Geekgame Geekgame (SDL)
Geekgame server

Arcade games:
Engine Corresponding clients Corresponding servers
Kamikaze Kamikaze (KDE)
PyKamikaze (SDL)
Kamikaze server
Tuxman Tuxman (SDL) Tuxman server
Gnibbles Gnibbles (GNOME)
Gnibbles server

Strategy games:
Engine Corresponding clients Corresponding servers
T.E.G. server
Widelands Widelands (SDL)
(no dedicated server)
Freeciv Freeciv (Gtk+)
Freeciv server
Freelords Freelords (SDL)
Freelords server

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